Talks and Interviews

In her interviews and conferences, Dr. Nathalie Gosselin describes the scientific work on musical emotions and the effects of music on the brain, cognition and stress. For more information write to the following email:

Television Interview:

CTV Montreal: Studying music and stress, (Sunday, September 4, 2016 6:02PM EDT)

Journalistic Interview:

La Presse, Charles-Éric Blais-Poulin (January 6th 2021). COVID-19 | La musique, médicament en vente libre.

Jeff Yates’s article published in the Metro newspaper (June 18 2015):

Radio interviews:

ICI Radio-Canada Première, L’heure de pointe, Interview with Amélie Gosselin (July 31th 2020). L’influence de la musique sur les émotions et le corps.

ICI Radio-Canada Première, Moteur de recherche, interview with Matthieu  Dugal (May 3rd, 2019). Le heavy metal peut-il être relaxant ?

ICI Radio-Canada Première, Médium large, Interview with Marie Grégoire (September 18th 2017) La musique stimule le travail… différemment pour chacun:

ICI Radio-Canada Première, PM emission, interview with Patrick Masbourian (October 30th October 2014), Music and Fear:

ICI Radio-Canada Première, PM emission, François Lemay’s chronicle with Karine Lefèvre (October 13th, 2014), Musical Preference.

ICI Radio-Canada Première, PM emission, Jean-Sébastien Girard Chronicle Patrick Masbourian (May 7, 2014), Music and babies :


Brain Awareness Week. To view a lecture by Dr. Nathalie Gosselin on music and its effects on the brain and health, go to (March 13, 2014):