Alexia Ptito

Research interests

Maternal singing as a means to promote attachment. The role of music and singing in complex trauma therapy. Emotion recognition in music and empathy. My current research focuses on emotion recognition by infants in maternal singing in a cross-cultural context.


Doctor of Psychology (D.Psy), in clinical neuropsychology
Université de Montréal

2009 – 2012 (unfinished)
Ph.D. Research/Intervention in neuropsychology
Université de Montréal

M.Sc. Psychology in cognitive science
Université de Montréal

B.Sc. Psychology with “Honors”
Université de Montréal

Scientific publications       

Ouimet, C., Jolicoeur, P., Lassonde, M., Ptito, A., & Miller, J. (2010). Bimanual crossed-uncrossed difference and asynchrony of normal, anterior- and totally split- brain individuals. Neuropsychologia, 48 (13).

Ptito, A., Dell’Acqua, R., Brisson, B., Lassonde, M., & Jolicoeur, P. (2009). The attentional blink within and across the hemispheres: Evidence from a patient with a complete section of the corpus callosum. Biological Psychology, 82, 64-69.

Ouimet, C., Jolicoeur, P., Miller, J., Ptito, A., Paggi, A., Foschi, N., Ortenzi, A., Lassonde, M. (2009). Sensory and motor involvement in the enhanced redundant target effect: a study comparing anterior- and totally split-brain individuals. Neuropsychologia, 47 (3), 684-69.

Ptito, A., Arnell, K., Jolicoeur, P., & Macleod, J. (2008). Intramodal and crossmodal processing delays in the attentional blink paradigm revealed by event-related potentials. Psychophysiology, 45 (5), 794-803.

Ouimet, C., Jolicoeur, P., Miller, J., Ptito, A., & Lassonde, M. (2007). Enhanced Redundant Target Effect in Callosotomized Individuals is Not Sensory in Nature: Evidence from Total and Partial Split-Brain Individuals. Visual Cognition-Object Perception, Attention and Memory (OPAM) 2007 Conference Report.


CERNEC scholarship

Doctoral scholarship of the Fondation des étoiles
CHU Ste-Justine

FQRNT doctoral scholarship